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I have moved my office and I’m in the process of changing my website.
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Image Consultant

Sharon Glickman is a professional Image Consultant and the President of Sharon Glickman Associates, a full service Image Consulting and Coaching firm with offices in Washington, DC.  Known for her holistic approach, Sharon is adept at Image Makeovers using wardrobe enhancement as a springboard to improving communication skills, enriching personal growth, increasing motivation, and producing wanted results in all facets of life.

Sharon draws on more than 35 years of experience as a phenomenal force in the image consulting, fashion, and personal presentation fields. She is a member of AICI – Association of Image Consultants International. Sharon specializes in style and fashion, including how to dress and grooming for both men and women – even teenagers and young adults. She can help you with your total image – everything from your wardrobe to your public speaking, your stage presence and your etiquette gaps.

Sharon travels extensively around the United States as an Image Seminar presenter and to meet in person with her clients. Please do not hesitate to contact Sharon even if you do not live near one of her offices. She can be reached through email and by phone.

How to Dress

Dress like a winner – and the world will treat you like one! You may be impeding your advancement in your career or personal life by dressing inappropriately and giving the wrong signals.

However, there is something you can do to dramatically change your situation. You can change your appearance by packaging yourself to achieve specific goals, to become successful, happier, and even richer!

People say what you wear on the outside is a reflection of who you are on the inside. The best thing we can do is to dress for ourselves. So, if what you are wearing is giving a false impression of the true you, then it’s time to make a change. Sharon can help you with this process in an easy and friendly manner. She can see if you are overdressing, underdressing, dressing too young, or dressing to impress others. She can really help you bring out your inner confidence for all to see.

Dress for Business Success

What we wear in the office reveals a set of beliefs about ourselves that we want the world to believe.  The more polished and professional you appear, the sooner you’ll be promoted, and the sooner you’ll have more money and authority.  That’s what power dressing is all about. Your work clothes should be viewed as an investment in your future.

From self confidence to working through various situations both business and social, marketing yourself as a unique individual within the workplace is a means to get ahead. Knowing how to use clothing and image as tools is necessary to help you more effectively maneuver with confidence. Sharon has the ability to visualize the correct mix of color, fabric, and style to truly make your image unique.

Life Coach

Sharon Glickman is a certified Life Coach and is very passionate about her Life Coaching work.  She is uniquely positioned to offer her clients a total inner and outer workout that will create lasting breakthroughs in the achievement of  their goals.

This is based on a sensitive and at times humorous approach that encourages actual change.  It is from a point of inner knowing and self awareness that  clients are able to make giant leaps in different areas of their lives.

Sharon’s clients have found the way not only to move forward to pursue their goals but also found sustained change that happens as a byproduct of their coaching experience.  These clients are the ones who have launched new careers, saved marriages, negotiated contracts, have overcome under earning, and above all they became congruent within themselves and developed a new awareness of their own wisdom.

Image Makeover

When we first meet someone we tend to make an immediate judgment about that person based on what we see. We consider their looks, their wardrobe, their style, their implied social status, and their likeability. All of this happens without conscious effort on our part – what is known as the “First Impression”. In order to make the best first impression your Total Image must give the right signals.

Sharon Glickman can be your Image Makeover consultant. She helps people learn how to dress and to refine their image in a way that brings personal and professional success. Going far beyond personal makeovers, image coaching, and dress for success formulas, she will personally coach you to develop complete confidence about how to dress and the way you look, speak, and interact.

Why You Should Choose Sharon

In addition to her tremendous qualifications Sharon also has an incredibly engaging communication style. She is friendly, easygoing, patient, and lots of fun! You will always feel comfortable working with Sharon as your image consultant.

So see how much you’ll learn just from searching her web site. Read what others have to say about the difference Sharon made for them. Then find out more about what she can do for you, your staff or your family.

Sharon has served clients in Paris, Washington DC, Greenville, Charlotte, Houston, Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, Santa Fe, San Francisco, Pittsburgh, Miami, Ft. Lauderdale, Detroit, and many other cities.

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